Downtown Development Division

****7/14/2017: In support of the Town of Waxhaw’s Downtown Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement project (TAP Grant), Land Surveyors and Utility Locators representing the Town will be working through-out our streets and possibly on or near downtown property for the next several weeks collecting data to be used in the location and design of this project. The specific areas in which these representatives will be working does not necessarily indicate the final location or extent of the proposed enhancements. These representatives and their vehicles will be clearly visible.****

Downtown Development is a division of Waxhaw's Development Services Department. The division develops and implements plans and programs fostering the redevelopment of downtown and strengthening the downtown business climate, including the management of the Waxhaw Main Street Program. Click the image below for a comprehensive report on Downtown Waxhaw.
Downtown Economic Impact Report Full Cover