Senior Fitness

Low impact workouts are extremely important to our senior citizens improving balance, agility, flexibility and coordination.  We offer two different 6-week sessions for seniors 55 and over.  Pre-registration and advance payment is required.  Register here or call 704-843-2195 ext. 258.
Functional Boot Camp for Seniors
Join fitness instructor Meghan Johnson in functional fitness exercises that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements. These easy low impact workouts are designed to improve balance and posture, agility, flexibility and coordination. With continued participation functional training eases joint pain, reduces the risk of injury, improves memory and boosts overall health and well-being.
Cost: $60/6-week session Waxhaw Resident ($10 per class)
$66/6-week session Non-Resident ($11 per class)
6 person minimum per 6 week session.  20 person maximum.
Location:  Fit Body Boot Camp, 27292 Waxhaw Pkwy, Waxhaw
Instructor:  Meghan Johnson

 Day  Date  Time  Activity #
 Tue  Feb 26 - Apr 2 10 AM FBCFS-022619
 Tue Apr 9 - May 14 10 AM FBCFS-040919
 Tue May 21 - Jun 25 10 AM FBCFS-052119

Senior Fit Club
Join fitness instructor Julie Eichler in weight-bearing exercises to increase and 
maintain bone density, maintain flexibility and improve balance.
Cost: $60/6-week session Waxhaw Resident ($10 per class)
$66/6-week session Non-Resident ($11 per class)
5 person minimum per 6 week session. 25 person maximum.
Location:  WOW Taekwondo Studio, 
3909 Providence Rd S # F, Waxhaw
Instructor:  Julie Eichler, Temple Fitness

 Day  Date  Time  Activity #
 Thu  Mar 14 - Apr 18  1 PM  SFC-031419
 Thu  May 2 - Jun 6  1 PM  SFC-050219

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