Adult Fitness

Get up.  Get active.  These one-day-a-week exercise programs will introduce or reintroduce you to the world of fitness.  You must pre-register and pay for each 6-week session in advance.
Register here or call 704-843-2195 ext. 258.
Adult Boot Camp
Join fitness instructor Meghan Johnson with Fit Body Boot Camp in this High Intensity Interval Training which is a great cardiovascular workout strategy alternating short bouts of high-intensity exercise with fixed periods of lower intensity activity or active recovery.  Expend a lot of calories in a short amount of time.  Your metabolism is higher for hours after, you can lose body fat, lower blood pressure and sculpt muscles.
Cost: $72/6-week session Waxhaw Resident ($12 per class)
  $78/6-week session Non-Resident ($13 per class)
8 person minimum per 6 week session.  20 person maximum.
Location:  Fit Body Boot Camp, 27292 Waxhaw Pkwy, Waxhaw
Instructor:  Meghan Johnson

 Day  Date  Time  Activity #
 Tue Feb 26 - Apr 2 6:45 PM ABC-022619
 Tue Apr 9 - May 14 6:45 PM ABC-040919
 Tue May 21 - Jun 25 6:45 PM ABC-052119
 Thu Feb 28 - Apr 4 10 AM  ABC-022819
 Thu Apr 11 - May 16  10 AM ABC-041119
 Thu May 23 - Jun 27  10 AM ABC-052319

Community Fitness

Join fitness instructor Julie Eichler with Temple Fitness in an outdoor workout focused on increasing your cardiovascular endurance, building strength, improving coordination and balance, and increasing lean muscle mass.  Fitness is a love and life-long commitment for Julie Eichler. As a wife, mom of two girls and a woman with 20+ years of weight training, yoga and Pilates experience, Julie is excited to help clients view and treat their bodies as a temple. Julie is an 
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer.
Cost: $72/6 week session Waxhaw Resident ($12 per class)
$78/6 week session Non-Resident ($13 per class)
5 person minimum per 6-week session. 20 person maximum.
Location:  Town Creek Park, 4400 Waxhaw-Marvin Rd, Waxhaw 
Instructor:  Julie Eichler, Temple Fitness
 Day  Date  Time  Activity #
Wed Mar 13 - Apr 17  6:30 PM CF-031319
Wed May 1 - Jun 5 6:30 PM CF-050119
Fri Mar 15 - Apr 19 10:30 AM CF-031519
Fri May 3 - Jun 7 10:30 AM CF-050319

Fit Body Boot Camp 2
Julie Eichler